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Building a team requires discipline

Most leaders have a highly developed set of technical skills and call upon experience and a proven body of knowledge in their field of expertise or their industry. But when it comes to teamwork many leaders “make it up” and fail to apply any discipline to their team development efforts. That is, they don’t take the time to invest in learning more about best practice in leadership and teamwork, or to seek professional help.

Building cohesive and effective teamwork is essential for business, organisational or leadership success.  Effective teamwork  requires leadership, clear direction, common goals that team members are aligned with and committed to achieving, clearly defined roles and accountabilities, effective delegation, the necessary skill sets, the right resources, cooperation, team support, the capacity or processes to resolve conflict effectively and more. That’s a lot! So, where to start? Here are a few tips.

  1. Invest the time to learn about teamwork – reading, web, coaching.
  2. Take a planned and disciplined approach to building teamwork.
  3. Get expertise and an independent view – hire a team coach.

Here is a reference to some ideas on teamwork and building effective teams.