Implementing business plans – Execution matters!

When it comes to implementing business plans the Execution matters more than the inspiration.  Great strategies and business plans require great execution.  Without effective execution, plans are worthless.   That is why we created Simulthink – to help leaders, business owners and teams Think and Act Together!

Great strategy requires great execution

The process of implementing business plans and strategy is a fundamentally important step in strategic and business planning.  Execution is also critical to the successful implementation of change projects.

“However beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at the results.”

Sir Winston Churchill

Probably the most important requirement for successful implementation is the alignment of leaders and teams with the vision and what needs to be achieved.  Carefully considered and planned stakeholder management  and communication is essential.


matters more than inspiration

Business strategy

Implementing business plans – inputs to successful execution

Vision and goals

Success starts with a compelling and clearly articulated description of the TO-BE or future.  Specifically, it should describe what the services, products, markets, customers, systems, resources, processes, staff, skills and assets look like.

Case for action

People and teams gravitate to what they know and the AS-IS or way they have always worked.  A driving reasons and catalyst for change is essential and it MUST get people motivated to act differently!  People need to know they have to change.


Visibility is critical and often overlooked.  Leaders, teams and staff must have visibility of the vision, goals, reasons for change and plans. They should not be confined to documents in drawers or on servers – get them up for people to see.


Leadership, teams and individuals must be aligned with the vision for the future, the case for action, the decisions taken and the action that is required for success.  Successful implementation is not possible without alignment.


As with any journey to a new and unexplored destination, a Roadmap or navigation system with directions is imperative.  The Roadmap provides an efficient path to success  and eliminates stress and unnecessary detours.

Stakeholder management

Stakeholders, including customers, staff, suppliers, board members, financiers and contractors can be impacted through the implementation of change. A stakeholder management plan is important to ensure that stakeholder needs are carefully assessed and managed in a comprehensive and disciplined way.

Release planning

Successful implementation usually requires systematic release planning – planning and releasing changes as manageable and achievable steps.  A common major pitfall in change implementation is attempting to release the entire change at once which often leads to delays, unnecessary stress and failure. An example of release planning is a plan to climb to Mount Everest – no one goes straight to the top.

Do you need help?

Implementing business plans – we customises the approach to ensure successful execution. The approach to implementing business plans and business strategy should be customised to fit with the business or organisational context.  Implementation and project management often require different approaches, skill sets and resources at varying stages.  There are a myriad of project management approaches and processes and the best  approach will vary from one organisation and project to another.  We can help to decide upon the best change implementation process and approach.

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