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A fundamental rule for success – Delegate!

Delegation matters! No matter what size or type of business or organisation you work in or own, delegation matters. If you are a leader then invest the time to learn and become a great delegator. The first rule of management is delegation. Don’t try and do everything yourself because you can’t.” … Anthea Turner “No man […]

Tip for improving business results – Challenge the status quo!

Interested in improving business results?  How does the saying go? If you continue to do what you have always done you will get the same result.  Well that may or may not be true in business. True, poor processes or poor service will no doubt lead to continued poor results. On the other hand, business […]

A tip for Small Business owners and leaders – Take time out from the operations to Think and Act strategically!

Business owners and leaders constantly find themselves caught up in the operational and day to day. That is completely understandable.  Small business owners typically have to be a jack of all trades. Customers, marketing, sales, products, services, systems, processes, human resources, financial, technology, communications don’t wait. They all have to be managed by someone – […]

Building a team requires discipline

Most leaders have a highly developed set of technical skills and call upon experience and a proven body of knowledge in their field of expertise or their industry. But when it comes to teamwork many leaders “make it up” and fail to apply any discipline to their team development efforts. That is, they don’t take […]

Want to improve your retail business? Catch the productivity wave in integrated business systems.

Walked into a retail store lately and experienced the sales person processing transactions using an iPad or tablet and not the traditional cash register? Take notice, because these tablet based point of sales systems will become common place in a short period of time.  Why? Because they improve business productivity and create business efficiencies along with enhanced customer service and […]

The benefits of innovation may have no relation to the size of the innovation itself

Innovation is simply the introduction of something new – e.g. knowledge, an idea, a method, a device or a technology. Innovation is at the heart of ongoing business and organisation success.  Business survival depends upon innovation, whether incremental or fundamental.  Importantly, the benefits of innovation may have no relationship to the size of the innovation itself.  Small […]

Professional business coaching helps to rapidly develop new skills

Business leaders and managers often have strong technical skills but don’t always apply the same level of discipline to leadership and planning as they do to operational, customer and technical business needs.  Elite sports people, sporting clubs, politicians, media personalities and actors have all embraced the importance of coaching.  Businesses owners and organisational leaders should […]

Execution of strategy matters more than inspiration

In our experience, Execution matters more than the inspiration.  Great strategies and business plans require great execution.  Without effective execution, plans are worthless. Probably the most important requirement for successful implementation is the alignment of leaders and teams with the vision and what needs to be achieved.  Carefully considered and planned stakeholder management  and communication is essential. The selected […]

Business planning needs to balance the possible with the achievable

Strategic planning and business planning require the capacity to balance what may be possible with what is achievable.  A major pitfall in strategic planning and business planning is failure to implement the plan or to put in place the essential conditions for organisational or leadership success. The planning process requires expertise, processes and models to help […]